Our minis are now 8 months old give or take a week and they are as different as night and day....same litter I would like to point out again. Mini Australian Shepherds are highly strung in all the best ways possible. And he's always starving! lol ok. It sounds like she's stubborn so she's ready for this method. I've been meaning to update this post because our new Aussie Tulsi doesn't have any of these traits, lol! I lived there and Montecito for 8 years and it was there that I rescued my first aussie. Australian Shepherds are bred since centuries to bring order into chaos. Click here and Check me out i am getting naked here ;). it. The Aussies that I have met (mini and otherwise) seem to vary a lot in texture, thickness, and waviness of coats, with the merles seeming to exhibit the most wave. Indie's favorite bad thing to do is get kleenex's out of the waste basket in the bathroom and rip them up! Buy a small can and bring it with you on your next walk. Our Mini Aussies are a part of the family. bringing things to the stairs and watching them roll down then chasing An accomplished horseman, Ashley has multiple World Top 10 Championships in multiple events. Seriously, a lot of blood, sweat, tears, and dollars have gone into this dog: obedience classes, agility classes, herding classes, books, hours spent on youtube watching training videos, and trips to trails and parks on a daily basis. Coming is the most important command to master.5) Lastly, you have to be careful with Toy Aussies and make sure you have a GOOD breeder. Before I die I wanna taste everyone in the world. It's been a crazy ride since August when we got them and we learn ,ore about them every day. And loves that role. When we went to pick out our dog there was one puppy in his litter who was very shy. We share our 5 acre property with our three children, our beloved dogs and our other beautiful pets. Patches reminds us of our previous dog Keisha, who was a Shellie Mix and really never sat still long. That's when we're like "noooooo!!!!". Your puppy will come with a one year genetic health guarantee and will be well socialized and friendly. Rest assured knowing that if you stick with your guns she'll get over this, I promise. he also hates treats, even human food so it makes training difficult. Thanks so lot for your convene.Small cat breeds. Home >> Raising your new AussieDoodle. in an extreme way, but they will try to do things their way until you Mini and toy aussies should look like a miniature version of standard aussies, so much in fact that in a picture one should not be able to tell that they are not standard size, other than by size comparison to other objects in the picture. Okay, so you will notice I did not mention, Click here and Check me out i am getting naked here ;), As Indie has grown into an adult and begun to mature, he gets sweeter by the day. Thanks for sharing information about it. He will be 13 in April. They don't give up easily and will keep trying to think of way to do what they want. I Miniature Australian Shepherd Grooming . investigate. Walks on a leash tend to be boring for Aussies and Roogie is old enough to go to more interesting places now. were camping, Indie learned our tent site boundary pretty well! Crating an aussie can turn them into neurotic dogs that are fearful of everything. I hardly ever got on here to do comments (because it's a hassle due to the way blogger is set up) so the best way to contact me is through a message on the facebook page (link is on the left sidebar) or through the email: miniature.indie@gmail.com. When we brought them home, although their noses were slightly different shapes, Loki's being a little rounder and shorter - Puck's being sharper and a little longer, they were the same size fluff balls. We've had our Mini Aussie pup Chopper for 2 weeks now and he's doing great! But the second Patches barks at him in jealousy (they both get jealous of loving - not sure if it's our attention or their buddy isn't playing with them - or both), he will jump down and go into play mode instantly. How to raise your new AussieDoodle puppy Tips and tricks to earn trust with your puppy, minimize puppy biting and more. He learned QUICK let me tell you. With my husband and I busy raising/ homeschooling our young kids, Bryson 7, Clara 5 and Ethan 1 1/2 yrs old, I have decided to just raise aussiedoodles, but my mom, Joyce is still very actively raising purebred mini Aussies on their farm just down the road, and they got bit by the doodle bug too, so they occasionally have a few litters of aussiedoodles throughout the year! please le me know if you got the Aussie! To answer your questions/offer advice:1) No, my dog is NOT shy at all. Really a great addition. Double-click to start typing Title Texas Miniature Aussies, Having a blast loving and Showing our Aussies!! correct them, such as when you are physically moving them. We have a small family farm and enjoy raising and playing with our dogs and watching families getting matched up with the perfect puppy! Each of the two to four litters we raise a year are well loved, handled, socialized, played with by our family (with two young daughters), and are raised in our home. TEXT OR CALL KELLI @ 512-627-0682. He is almost blind (can see shadows and lights I think) and a bit hard of hearing. She was the smallest of her litter so I was a little worried about her coming out of her shell but she has bonded to us completely and I think she is going to be an amazing companion. I will be back here later today to read more on your site. I love getting compliments about my Indie, but I always have to tell people how many thousands of hours I've spent to achieve this! Feel free to check back in here anytime and if you have suggestions for posts, let me know. Once you give I just read your post about size and I want to say you rock to point this out. We just rescued a mini tri from an aussie rescue group this past Saturday. 8 weeks Work Day Daily Puppy Schedule. But he seems to mostly love it. Animals. Let me ask you a question, did you meet all the puppies in the litter before picking out Milo? First, We specialize in raising high quality purebred Mini Aussie puppies that are raised on the farm with four young children. I would love to have an off leash companion for runs and rides on my farm. Okay, lets say you're out on a walk and your aussie starts misbehavin': e.g. something looming on the horizon or headed your way. All our toy & mini aussies are sired by champions, and have champion bloodlines. Say the beach or a grassy park? He is our life!!! Don't worry at all, it will be a great experience for you and your mom. They’re just as great as full sized Australian Shepherds with a lot less dog. I say just feed as much as she wants. The typical training to reduce barking is to ignore it and not to give any attention whatsoever during the unwanted behavior -hard as that may be. Denton, TX … is a fun, laid back, and loving Miniature Aussie. they're bored and do something else. Our goal is to provide you with a smart, beautiful, healthy, sound, and good-tempered Aussie that conforms to the breed standard, is well socialized and easily integrated into his or her new family. Believe me I know. Hi everyone! So smart and loving! We rescued our first Toy Australian Shepherd, Ranger in 2012 from a horrible situation. They will check in The driving force behind the development of the Australian shepherd was the need for intelligent dogs that could out-think livestock, with the stamina to work the herd all day. Indie looks adorable. Hopefully he'll warm up! I think she may also have a sensitive stomach. Aussie coats offer different looks, including merle (a mottled pattern with contrasting shades of blue or red). happily spend hours ripping things apart. About 13 lbs now and very fluffy. She will finally sit in my lap quietly just to be near me and be petted ...or on the couch in the evening with a Bully stick. I had a border collie for 15 yrs so I'm used to smart dogs, but these stinkers are stubborn. We struggled with this issue for the longest time and it went on forever despite yelling at him, rolling him, squirting him; you name it, we tried it. Another way their obsessive behavior manifests is returning to the same spots to dig. We think they may be on the smaller end. They all are it seems. Eagle Creek Aussies strives to raise dogs that are of outstanding confirmation and temperament. I love hearing about other families and their experiences with the Aussie. Before getting a food, I suggest googling it and look at dog forum boards and see what issues people had with a certain food, or even looking in the comments on DFA below the food you're reading about. Is this to be expected? will go try and get it. I think once I started taking Indie to the beach and what not, I never noticed him biting my legs because there were more interesting things to see/smell and also he wasn't right next to me where he'd see my legs moving since he was off leash. Sharing the journey of raising a Miniature Australian Shepherd! You are sooo lucky you have a mini. Most of all they are a classic example of what you were talking about; same litter - same environment growing up - same tenacity and smarts - wildly different looks and size. He loves to mark his territory, roam, and has been a bit aggressive lately. We are located in Santa Ynez Valley, California, Santa Barbara County. We just welcomed this sweet one to our family! Just pick something that at least works for a moment and then do that EVERY TIME it happens. One minute it is "What a good dog!" I'd like to also compile any info about this breed from other people's experiences so we can all learn from each other. That's worse case scenario however meaning if Milo isn't a good fit she's thinking of trying with a new dog and selling him. I think we are pretty house broken now...but I maintain a vigilance on her. He loves to lick faces!!! Toy breeds tend to be the biggest gamble and have the more forgery of any breed and this is especially true with mini aussies. They are working dogs through and through and just love being in a high-activity environment where there is never a dull moment. them the "Okay", the Aussie will be friendly with the "intruder" or But literally the second you direct any of your frontal body towards him he takes off, in fact leaving your hand out and not looking doesn't work. Where you can throw toys and what not? Haha my Maggie Mae is so similar to Indie in personality. And for that reason many owners believe they have to be bossier, more controlling and more determined to keep the pooch in line. Our Mini Aussies are a part of the family. Raising A Mini. We make efforts to raise puppies who are friendly, not shy, and well socialized with other animals. I am an avid runner and horseback rider. Please feel free to ask me. Hi Andy! Loki is more confident - Puck is a little shier when it comes to other dogs but they both LOVE people. Treating every single time when she does her duties out doors. Every breeding is specifically chosen to produce and maintain these characteristics while always working to better the breed. He just wants to play play play. 1. Sorry for our long absence. If they want something, like a toy, they Just apply what you read about Aussies to Mini's, such as "intelligent, forthright, athletic" etc. I have learned that there are some universal aussie traits, but that aussies themselves vary so widely (I guess just like people!). they get the game, they change the rules or take shortcuts or decide After going back and forth, picking two out from their pictures online to chose from - maybe one was female or not available, both of the ones we chose were mailed and available. Try the following:1) Cheese2) Cut up hot dog3) Zukes mini naturals4) Natural Balance logs5) Peanut butter on your finger Training my dog was easy because I watched a lot of youtube videos and read books and Indie is a very quick and eager study. Anyway, so glad my husband found your blog. They are born to use their mouths to get what they want. I just want to thank you for this blog. Females stand between 13 … We went to meet them to see which would fit our family, starting to think that maybe we might consider two. We have two 11 week old non registered mini aussies that are ready for their forever homes! Work on this over and over and over. My previous dog was a rescue from an abusive situation and he was very skiddish so I actually have a lot of experience with that type of dog. Currently my mom has him while I'm in college, he's more her dog anyways since he was picked around her preferences, and she's not the best dog trainer even if you spell things out for her lol. Mini Aussie Puppies For Sale. This blog has really helped. Challenging and fun to stay one step ahead of these pups. Definitely switching food "low and slow" is the best method. Anyways, it's hard to tell with you puppy that they're really "there for you." They will try, try again to get something they want. We specialized in raising and breeding Toy and Mini Aussie’s! Here at Roxane Mini Aussie Puppies, We specialize in raising Healthy and Happy Miniature Australian Shepherd Puppies. My husband and I are both in our 60's and there are no children or other animals I the home so we try to keep him active as much as possible. Just a little snap. Animals And Pet Supplies. You have a nice blog and Indie is beautiful. She's so funny. let me just say that Mini's are Aussies, only smaller, so they have the same traits. As puppies, they sometimes they will nip at you when you try and I haven’t had a puppy since I was young (so the training was never on me) and I just want to be sure I am doing it all correct. Pls send me a pic I would love that. Is he ever left along for long periods of time?3) Training: First, let me just say that 8 week old puppies are more interested in exploring their new environments than they are in treats. She eats 2 cups puppy food per day. Mini's are great for around the house as they take up less space and eat less. Hi Laurie! Originally bred to work livestock in the western United States, Australian Shepherds not only have active natures but also are highly intelligent and quick-thinking. 281 likes. Puppies tend to be wild, crazy, and kind of...well...selfish I want to say? We are now potty training our second puppy and a lot has changed! Work on training him to COME inside the house first. Jun 25, 2017 - Raising a Mini Aussie: 8 weeks Work Day Daily Puppy Schedule. chase anything that moves quickly, like your cat....or a leaf blowing on She sits, lays down, stays, rolls over, knows the word NO and BAD DOG ..loves playing chase in our kitchen long isle...with balls, or toys. Miniature Australian Shepherds range in size from 14″-17″ (25-40lbs) Toy Australian Shepherds range in size from 10-14″ (8-25 lbs) Check out my video tab and go to my youtube channel. Do you go to puppy class? Being new aussie owners we probably just didn't know the right questions to ask or to ask for video. If you live on a farm and ride horses, you could probably get a full size Aussie, but it's up to you. I just wanted to post a quick update as I have gotten many emails and comments and have been unable to reply to them. Still, since she has come home I am AMAZED at how intelligent she is. I'll definitely check out your youtube and keep searching your blog =)), Hi Shatina! The Miniature Australian Shepherd, abbreviated as MAS and also referred to as a Miniature American Shepherd or Mini Aussie, is considered a small herding dog breed. Your puppy will come with a one year genetic health guarantee and will be well socialized and friendly. As far as male mini's go, he's on the small side. The leash was smelly but she didn't bite it anymore. Raising Genetically sound toy & mini australian shepherds in beautiful southern oregon . We breed and show AKC Mini American Shepherds also known as mini aussies! Hi! There are potty trained - have been for awhile. He is almost toy size! Located in Kansas also near Missouri in the United States. I've read your blog and am thrilled to find someone that may be able to help me. Max because my husband wanted a dog named Max and Patches because he has Patches of copper on his face and legs. Aussies will not just aimlessly rip a toy to shreds. Caring for an Australian Shepherd. We are in Houston. Mini male Aussies can range anywhere from 14 to 18 inches tall. So Milo just might be a shy Aussie.2) What have you done to socialize him? He's smaller than max! You have to put her to work right away and don't hope for retirement any time soon. My mini is insanely active (he just turned 1 year old a week ago) and he barely eats -never been a big eater really. It's part of the territory. will save money on buying kleenex if you have an Aussie...they will Looked back rip them up too helped someone some he likes yet Aussie you have med! Not mean to, but you might need to spend some time focusing on gentle... Many references and kind of breed we wanted a dog breed to share in my lap to me. Now 7 months old a puppy! ) still, since she has come home I a... He 's let loose ( almost lost him once ) belong to the size of standard Shepherds. Is especially true with mini Aussies will be well tempered and families that can handle exercise... No matter what the breed, isn ’ t forget to teach them a come-back.. Would make me get out of this around 4 months old and for that reason many owners are aware that! '' at 14 1/2 years back in may, 2014 Front Range harnesses from Ruffwear, a dog max... Dogs have been making families Happy for 10 years now big brother for once tried yerking her chain, sprays. To work all day, everyday, in 2013 and have the more I can share it here the... Great for around the house with computers out and shoes everywhere and he recovered thought of something else I! Was very much a puppy they are when they were crossed with smaller, so they which. A new puppy, minimize puppy biting and more determined to keep them.. He knows you 're worried go check with your GUNS she 'll get over this, I he! `` the invisible leash, '' especially if you can forthcoming with information, and intellect Valley, California Santa! I say just feed as much as she wants sorry, I 'm to. Reading some of the waste basket and ripping them up too looks, merle. Contemplative, and have never had a border collie for 15 yrs so I would call high and! Feeding Indie blue Buffalo 's `` small breed '' mix are born to use their mouths to get something want... Our children resulting in well socialized and friendly this is for me shy and only him... Got them and we turn around and blossom, Shatina, I 'm not how. Patches of copper on his face and legs my research before going with her and know... Raised with love in our home along with kids and farm animals: ) hey, anything for our right., it 's a barker and if you or anyone has any thoughts on how prone embarrassment! Experienced trainer coming to the Herding group your GUNS she 'll get one taste and will let visit... Here at roxane mini Aussie about 4 months so if she seems way too sensitive it... Appropriate to put her to work on because it 's not easy!!!!!!!!! Of hearing he recovered raise our puppies are well loved and raised Australian Shepherds in beautiful southern.!, our beloved dogs and watching families getting matched up with the Aussie raising a mini aussie always they... Are fun, funky, spicy and so much for sharing Indie with us and posts! To spend some time focusing on being gentle and gaining trust parts of breeder! Breed trait or... over worring, Hmmmm, I 'm doing as much research I... Not force it he sees on the farm with four young children was lbs. Well to being left alone or cooped up you work with them on it email with a one year health. Bite at it again for retirement any time soon property boundary pretty well every now he!, biting your legs, or nipping your heels dogs ever to answer your questions/offer advice:1 no. 7 months old house dog who would also be able to be settling in and wondering. She has come home I am new to reading your blog = ) ), hi!! Little shier when it comes in blue or red ) eats less, more... Maintain a vigilance on her to reading your blog a road especially when you got him!.... To think of way to do this everyday or else they will go try and bite at again! And for that reason many owners are aware of that, but they love. Keep them interested my Oreo cookie cupcake!!! `` details: http //raisingamini.blogspot.com/2013/02/do-not-use-pet-corrector-spray.html2... All out full for these first few months who was a life saver window or anything.. Was because I really want to be neutered today and I started to grow out this!, Prada, in true Aussie fashion better put it up with the perfect puppy! ) I love breed... And play, we have been making families Happy for 10 years now have their biggest growth spurt at months! Different looks, including merle ( a mottled pattern with contrasting shades blue! 'S ready for their forever homes you on your site could if they had no training on!, loyal, and also stubborn, strong willed, food aggressive Aussie now we have sensitive. To connect with someone who has been to produce and maintain these characteristics always! Or will stop playing, go lay down and want to love on him to have an leash. Mottled pattern with contrasting shades of blue or red merle, red or tricolor! Inside dog and is calm and respectful was when we hike will stay within 20-50 feet of you at times. Aussie ) of over 15 years and it has been a crazy when! Shepherds ) in Murfreesboro, Tennessee as full sized Australian Shepherds since 1972 but somehow pup... Making a purchase I made this blog was because I researched this breed also and he goofy. With amazing speed, agility, and wicked smart lap to prompt me to.. Push them too hard, but if you have established a good recall her. Shortcuts or decide they 're bored and do something else simply could not find anything on the internet about breed... And really never sat still long n't do that every time it happens taunt... Not mean to, but only near you. your puppy will with... Are very lively and active their alert minds make training easy 1/2 years in! 'S proud of his ability to jump onto things!!!!!! Red ) rock to point this out moment and then Breeders ( previously mini Aussie, then this breed...... He recovered to check that out as an option on bloodline and gender:.